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I empower female entrepreneurs & coaches who are ready to free themselves from their depression so they can create the life and business they've been dreaming of. Together let's free you from depression!

~ Haley Reese, CTNC - The Holistic Health & Happiness Coach


"Haley Reese is one of the very very best. Her guidance involved step by step action plans, brainstorming and metaphysical/spiritual work. She is just so unique in the depth of her work, blending spiritual insight with practical action steps." ~ Kim R.


"Haley is an amazing coach and her passion really shines through in this program. It's not often you can convince me, or most people really, to do a nutrition program or diet - others have tried and failed many times. But with her it's easy because I felt very comfortable with and it was clear that my happiness was her top priority." ~ Tyler Y.

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Anti-Anxiety at Your Fingertips

May 3, 2017 | No Comments
Anti-Anxiety at Your Fingertips

6 Anytime Anti-Anxiety Tools: Anxiety used to take over my life and take me away from the things I truly wanted to be doing. These tools have blessed me by giving me back those moments I once sacrificed to my anxiety.

Words I Live By

“Joy does not simply happen to us.

We have to choose Joy

and keep choosing it every day.”

– Henri Nouwen