A Letter to My Soulmate Clients

Dear Soulmate Client,

I hear you, I see you, I understand you…because I was you.
When I was between the ages of 19-24, I had emerged out of the darkest depths of my depression and entered into a place where I could see the possibility that life could be so much more, so much better.
I trusted that possibility and knew there was magic within it. I simply didn’t know the HOW just yet, but I was ready and willing to do the work.
I would have loved to have had a wise, caring and loving mentor to guide and support me through my journey. Who had been where I was and could see where I was going, who knew the steps to take for the most efficient up-leveling.
You are a dreamer. Enraptured by the beautiful possibilities that life holds, knowing it can be yours.
The only thing stopping you is yourself now.
You’ve been sick, sad and stuck for far too long and are so fucking done with that bullshit.
You know it’s your time.
You want a big, bold, beautiful life, impacting the world positively while living a freedom-based life of luxury. You love to indulge in the finer things in life: 1st class travel, 5-star hotels, retreats and weekend getaways, fine dinning, champagne, soft silky clothing, divine jewelry, traveling the world, enjoying multiple vacations each year with your friends and family.
You care about making a difference. You invest in the causes you care about, even when you only have $5 to give, you still do.
With your own unique gifts, you want to usher in a new, more positive paradigm.
You desire deep, loving, soulmate love and family. And you are committed to being the best version of you for your loved ones.
You get that taking time for yourself is essential to restore, relax and rejuvenate. You love to enjoy fun and luxurious self-care practices like salt baths with rose petals and hot stone massages.
Whenever you cross my path, you are automatically able to recognize in my energy that I am the perfect person to support you now.
You read my posts and content, see my pictures, view my website, hear about me, speak with me, or any other way you may come into my sphere and you get a full-body ecstatic “YES!” to working together. You know, as I know, that we are an ideal soul-to-soul match.
When you sign up for my coaching, a wave of relief, pleasure, joy and excitement washes over you. You know this is your next best step, the guidance you’ve been looking for.
You are ready to get started and dive in. Every time you sign up with me, I am re-ignited and multiplied in my passion and purpose, ready to facilitate a permanent transformation.
You are joyful and happy to invest in our work together because you understand and respect the energetic exchange that is beneficial and necessary to your own massive transformation. Your investments are ritualized for your highest good.
When we work together I am filled up with expansion, lit-up, energized, inspired, connected, joyful, fulfilled, in my purpose & power, helpful, loving and at peace.
You do the work and know your results are dependent upon yourself, while I am here to facilitate your transformation and healing. Because of this, you always and consistently receive exactly what you need at exactly the right time. You get phenomenal and life-changing results!
It’s your time, now…https://calendly.com/haleyreese/alignment-call
To living a life even greater than your dreams!

About Haley Reese

Haley Reese is a NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach + Magical Manifestor who empowers women to consciously create the lives they've been dreaming of.

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