New FB Group + Manifestation 101 Masterclass

Hello loves!

I have some exciting news to share about what’s been brewing over here since completing NLP Master Practitioner training.

About 2 years ago, I’d started a Facebook group around my former area of focus: freeing women from depression. I absolutely LOVED the community of women supporting one another and the cozy space to openly teach and empower. As my business has grown and evolved in tandem with my own personal growth, we’ve both outgrown that old space. Because of how important the individuals and community are to me, it was a huge priority to me to create a positive transition into whatever was next – whether it be reigniting the old group, simply dissolving it or creating something new. I’ve spent the last few months going deep inside and asking myself productive questions about what this next, divinely aligned step looks like.

The answer I received was to create a brand new space  One that’s fully aligned with the new version of me, the new version of my business, and alllllllllll the new knowledge, teachings, skills, experience, and expertise I have to offer.

This new space is dedicated to all the women I know I am meant to serve. To the queens who are ready to take back control, breakthrough their blocks and finally get the F out of their own way. To the co-creatrix goddesses who desire to be fully connected back to their true power so they can consciously create lives even greater than their dreams.

Enter >> NLP Magic Manifesting Queens

You may be wondering, what’s this going to look like??

 90% NLP + hypnotherapy
 10% all the rest (nutrition, mindset, self-care, essential oils, culinary arts, luxury, travel & more)
% Manifesting + MASSIVE transformations in THE most effective and efficient way around. Period.

So if you’re ready to:
 Get the F out of your own way
 Release your limiting beliefs quickly & easily
 Eliminate fears and phobias permanently
 Learn to shift your state and emotions instantly
 Power up your goals and accomplish them like never before
 Feel as amazing as you want, whenever you want
 Create more effective strategies for getting what you want
 And so SO much more than you may have ever believed was actually possible

…then Queen, you are most certainly in the right place.

The time is NOW  Step into the magic conscious creatrix you are and finally get what you truly WANT!


To kick off all the *manifesting magic* that will be happening in this powerful new space, I’ll be hosting a FREE 5-day Manifesting 101 Masterclass where I’ll be teaching you the KEY steps to creating a life even greater than your dreams.

When: January 8th – 12th at 1pm PST
Where: LIVE in NLP Magic Manifesting Queens

Here’s what you can look forward to:
✧ Day 1: Daydream to Discover Your Desires – how “wasting time” will pay your desires dividends
✧ Day 2: What You Believe, You Receive – find out if your current belief system is blocking your desires
✧ Day 3: Breakthrough Your Blocks & Belief System Tune-Up – get out of your own way, release what no longer serves you and choose your new reality
✧ Day 4: Doing Your Part – the what, why and how of Inspired Action so the Universe knows you’re ready to receive
✧ Day 5: Have What You Desire NOW – stop waiting and step into your new reality

Sign up here >>

If you’re ready to join us, please read the group guidelines and then submit your request to the group:

I can’t wait to see you there!

To living a life even greater than your dreams,

About Haley Reese

Haley Reese is a NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach + Magical Manifestor who empowers women to consciously create the lives they've been dreaming of.

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