Love Notes

Love Notes from My Clients


“Working with Haley is a magical experience. Her presence gave me a mix of a welcoming and a grounding embrace all swirled in with a new level of excitement of the possibilities to come. I worked with Haley on some limiting beliefs and fears I had. They were very quickly removed. It’s been a little over 1 month and I can barely even remember what they were. She helped me eliminated things that were holding me back and I have new place to visit in my trances/meditations/visualizations (whatever you want to call them ;).

I would highly recommend working with Haley if you want results and are ready for a magical experience.”

~ Brandy Julian


“From the time I first met Haley as her NLP Trainer in my NLP Practitioner training course, I could see an intense desire to get it right, rather than just be right. Then, when Haley returned here to Clarity Institute a year later to master her NLP skills, I saw that she used what she learned and was eager to find the magical mastery in NLP and use it to help others, by making a firm commitment to walk-the-walk, and live fully with NLP infused in all she does. It was a privilege to have Haley as my student, and I’m so proud of her accomplishments of using NLP everyday in every way, in a very real, go-first approach. Haley continues to practice, and keep her skills fresh with my NLP Skill Builder program. If you’re looking for transformational behavioral changes, talk to Haley to see if you will be the right match, right now.”

~ Pam Castillo, NLP Trainer
Clarity Institute Los Angeles


“Haley Reese is amazing! I need to write and let others know that Haley is ” the real deal”.

There are lots of life coaches out there, and it can be difficult to TRUST someone with, well, my life’s details, which are personal and can be areas of vulnerability. How to decide? My story is simple. I am old enough to have had decades of experience with teachers, healers, coaches who helped me. When the opportunity came for me to work with Haley I knew it was no accident. It was part of my life’s journey.

Haley Reese is one of the very very best. Her guidance involved step by step action plans, brainstorming and metaphysical/spiritual work. She is just so unique in the depth of her work, blending spiritual insight with practical action steps. She continues to offer advice and support to me in her upbeat, positive way, checking in with me.

I will consult Haley in the future and if you want high quality counsel, you could find no one better.”

~ Kim Russ, Artist


“I really enjoyed working with Haley – she’s very down-to-earth and allows you to fully relax and participate.

One of the biggest differences is that she seems more like a friend than strictly a health professional, which I found to make the whole experience more comfortable.

There’s more energy work and spirituality involved than the experiences I’ve had with a regular therapist or doctor, but also more talking and interaction than I experienced with other energy work sessions. It’s a different blend – uncovering your own blocks, energy work, and your own contribution to your healing.

Since my ThetaHealing Intensive with her, I’ve made real progress in the area of my life we focused most on. If you’re stuck or standing in your own way, ThetaHealing with Haley is definitely worth a shot!”

– Sarah K.


21-Day Transformational Nutrition Cleanse


“My personal goals for this program were to lose some weight I had kept on since the holidays and break the cycle I had gotten into recently of trying to eat healthy, failing, and then eating even more unhealthy afterwards. I’ve always been a pretty healthy person, but since the holidays I’ve felt stuck and not able to get back to that healthy happy point.

The program exceeded my expectations in a lot of ways. I thought I would feel hungry and dissatisfied more, but it didn’t happen often. I was actually pleasantly surprised to find that the further I got into the program, the less hungry I got. When I eat a lot of unhealthy foods, I seem to feel hungry all the time. On the cleanse, there were many nights I didn’t even get hungry for dinner after my workout. I enjoyed never feeling uncomfortable or bloated after meals, and was very “regular.” I also didn’t expect to lose 7 pounds in the first 2 weeks! That was amazing to me.

I haven’t done a “cleanse” before, but I’ve done a lot of different diets, many that include a very strict week or 2 week intro period. This was more restrictive in that it cut out more types of food, but it was SO much more satisfying because you are still able to eat delicious, filling meals, instead of the usual measured portions or not enough variation.

One of the biggest impacts the cleanse had for me, was that it showed me that I actually have stronger willpower than I think I do. It’s great to know that I can enjoy celebrations and get through stressful times without unhealthy habits like eating big, unhealthy meals or drinking a lot of alcohol.

I would recommend the program because I lost weight, considerably improved my digestion, have more energy, and feel amazing!”

~ Vanessa Gatewood


“Before I started this program, I was looking for two things: to lose weight and to see what my habits and tastes would be like without sugar and alcohol.

What I liked about this program was that it was simple and easy to understand, and didn’t force you into a diet that was totally out there. It’s very doable from the outset, which I’ve found to be rare for most diet and nutrition programs.

The weight fell right off, which was really exciting! But what was most fascinating was seeing and experiencing how much my body craved sugar.

I loved how this program taught me about sugar and the way it affects both how I eat and how I act. There is sugar in everything! I enjoyed the lightness and clean feeling I got from being sugar and alcohol free. I am definitely going to be more wary of sugar in the future and try to avoid it when possible.

The cleanse helped me lose weight, sure, but the real value I got was the understanding of how the foods almost all of us eat day-to-day can affect your energy, health and happiness. Her program is easy to understand and follow, and the foods she recommends are delicious and fit all budgets. I’d highly recommend this program for someone looking to learn what a ‘clean’ version of themselves feels like, the results might surprise you as much as they did me!

Haley is an amazing coach and her passion really shines through in this program. It’s not often you can convince me, or most people really, to do a nutrition program or diet – others have tried and failed many times. But with her it’s easy because I felt very comfortable with and it was clear that my happiness was her top priority.”

~ Tyler Y.


“When I entered the program, I was hoping to gain more control of my intake and wanted to feel good on the inside and the outside. The program definitely met my expectations!

I was dragging less during the day, which made my job so much more fun, and I was naturally tired at the end of the day. My bloating was gone, I felt like my circulation had increased (a problem I have from my lupus), and I felt better mentally. I lost excess weight from eating unhealthy and just felt really good about myself!

The 21DTNC didn’t require me to watch my weight or hit the gym when I didn’t have time. It was a very holistic approach and I was happy to participate because I didn’t feel pressure or have to ever say ‘oh, I can’t, I’m on a diet.’

I think what sets it apart from other cleanse programs is that it doesn’t expect a certain result, so if you have a particular goal in mind, it’s very adaptable and therefore more satisfying to complete. It helps you reach your own goals, instead of the goals of society or what you “should” look like.

Haley was amazing in her support! Even though we are continents away and our time difference is bizarre, she always responded to my emails.

I would absolutely recommend this program! I think most diet and workout plans are never easy and nearly impossible to get the right results. Now if I have friends who are concerned about their health, I know where to direct them.

I felt amazing during and after the program. I am so happy I completed it and really cannot wait to do it again!.”

~ Alexis McCoy