Client Love


Storyteller + NLP Practitioner

Brandy Julian

“Working with Haley is a magical experience. Her presence gave me a mix of a welcoming and a grounding embrace all swirled in with a new level of excitement of the possibilities to come. I worked with Haley on some limiting beliefs and fears I had. They were very quickly removed. It’s been a little over 1 month and I can barely even remember what they were. She helped me eliminated things that were holding me back and I have new place to visit in my trances/meditations/visualizations (whatever you want to call them ;).

I would highly recommend working with Haley if you want results and are ready for a magical experience.”




Shandi Hanna

"Haley is amazing! Not only is she smart, compassionate and easy to talk to, but she helped me have a major breakthrough in an area I've been struggling with for MONTHS in less than an hour! Together we came up with actions for me to take so I can stop banging my head against the wall, address the issue, and move forward to create the life that I'm yearning for. If you are unsure whether or not to work with her, stop questioning yourself and go for it! You will be so happy you did!"



Kim Russ

“Haley Reese is amazing! I need to write and let others know that Haley is ” the real deal”.

There are lots of life coaches out there, and it can be difficult to TRUST someone with, well, my life’s details, which are personal and can be areas of vulnerability. How to decide? My story is simple. I am old enough to have had decades of experience with teachers, healers, coaches who helped me. When the opportunity came for me to work with Haley I knew it was no accident. It was part of my life’s journey.

Haley Reese is one of the very very best. Her guidance involved step by step action plans, brainstorming and metaphysical/spiritual work. She is just so unique in the depth of her work, blending spiritual insight with practical action steps. She continues to offer advice and support to me in her upbeat, positive way, checking in with me.

I will consult Haley in the future and if you want high quality counsel, you could find no one better.”



Tracy Kramer

"Lovin' on Haley! Before our session, I knew I wanted to work with Haley. She had this high vibin', infectious positive attitude. The universe put us together and I finally got my chance to do a session with her. Admittedly, I was at a low point, feeling stuck, and desperate. Knowing you can't manifest magic from feeling low. I have been unemployed and unsure of direction and purpose, and finances were not going my way. I decided I wanted to use my time with Haley wisely and bust thru a money limiting belief or two. I know there were tears in answering her questions, because I was coming from a vulnerable place and deep within myself. She encouraged me to dig deep, supported me and cheered me on, and in some super secret unknowing way (not so secret NLP), we played through and released a money belief that had been holding me back. Since my session with her, I can feel a definite shift, I feel more positive myself, and these "good luck" things have been happening. (its not luck, its being aware and being a new energetic match). For 3 days straight, I was finding or gifted money, other days I was given gifts or prizes or free services. I know this is resulted from our work together and I am so grateful for her. She helped me up when I was feeling down. I can't say enough good stuff about this lady. My advice is to do a session with Haley - she is kind, doesn't judge, takes her time with you to offer a complete service, but you yourself have to be prepared to dig deep so that these mega breakthroughs can happen. Totally worth it."



Director of Innovation + Marketing

Amelie Bergeron-Vachon

"Haley is a wonderful coach. She asked the right questions for her to quickly understand fully my situation and make great suggestions I hadn't thought about. Working with her has provided me with a realistic and achievable plan I feel really good about."



skincare specialist

Jennifer Soehngen

"Haley has given us amazing tips in her mastermind class! I have gotten more value out of this five-day course than I have from years of reading books and watching videos over these past few years. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"



NLP Trainer

Pam Castillo

“From the time I first met Haley as her NLP Trainer in my NLP Practitioner training course, I could see an intense desire to get it right, rather than just be right. Then, when Haley returned here to Clarity Institute a year later to master her NLP skills, I saw that she used what she learned and was eager to find the magical mastery in NLP and use it to help others, by making a firm commitment to walk-the-walk, and live fully with NLP infused in all she does. It was a privilege to have Haley as my student, and I’m so proud of her accomplishments of using NLP everyday in every way, in a very real, go-first approach. Haley continues to practice, and keep her skills fresh with my NLP Skill Builder program. If you’re looking for transformational behavioral changes, talk to Haley to see if you will be the right match, right now.”



Business owner

Jill Wallis Fisher

When asked what her biggest transformation in Become a Manifesting Queen was, she said: “Well...I got everything I wanted. I got it all. And it was all physical, tangible things. I manifested a computer, a really expensive handbag and a brand-new car, literally in 10 days.

It really does work. You just have to take daily action. Do the personal work. And keep your belief up.

Jump in. Absolutely try it. You will love her.”