The Fastest and Most Effective Transformation Modality

Last month I completed training and received my NLP Master Practitioner certification less than 1 year after NLP Practitioner training. I’m still consistently amazed by how much my inner world and whole life have changed within this past year because of NLP...and I’m in utter AWE of how much more shifted in the 11 days of Master Prac training.

When people ask me what’s the difference between NLP Practitioner and Master Prac and why they should pursue Master if they’re already a Practitioner (because, technically, you will already have all the skills installed at that level), this is what I tell them:

“NLP Practitioner training got me to Level 1 and gave me the basic foundation and skill set. Master Prac 10x’d those skills, along with the width and depth of how and where I now use NLP, and allowed me to fully embody the attitude of NLP. It was a total game-life-and-business-changer.”

Each and every day of training, I was simply stunned by how much transformation was occurring within me.

To give you a taste of what’s possible, here is an (incomplete*) account of what I achieved in those 11 short days:

(*Due to the nature of NLP training and ChangeWork, it’s common for people to be unable to recall issues or challenges they once had before NLP was used. This is because NLP works by way of re-wiring your neuro-pathways, meaning that it’s impossible for you to experience the “thing” the way you used to!)

1. As a self-described empath, I learned the essential skill of being able to “protect” myself and disassociate from others’ fears, anxieties, pains, limiting beliefs, etc. while still being kind and compassionate.

2. I released the belief that I couldn’t be 100% anxiety-free. All this took was a limiting belief swish pattern and about 5 minutes of work on myself.

3. I nearly entirely rid myself of all useless and illogical anxiety. To compare – Before, I would experience minutes to hours of high anxiety periods nearly daily. Now, I’ve only experience 1 of these periods in the last 2 weeks.

4. In our culture, it can be all too common to plan by disaster – a.k.a. expecting the worst. Unfortunately, this more often than not will result in one manifesting those negative experiences. I stopped planning by disaster and now plan for success and positive results.

5. I learned to stop negative thoughts and negative self-talk in their tracks with a super simple phrase.

6. I released a TON of my need to people-please, “fit in,” do things the “right” way, be “perfect,” and a bunch of other BS illusions that had previously held me back way WAY too much in my business. Goodbye fear paralysis! Hello consistent inspired action!!

7. I massively advanced my ability to affect and deepen trance states. This was tested by effectively putting my Master Prac partner into the deepest trance she had ever been in and this after having been put into trance by both our top trainer and Richard Bandler himself (the father of NLP)!

8. Through trance work I was able to guide my fellow Master Prac to “freeze” her hand in an imaginary bucket of ice. This cold & numbing effect could then be transferred to any other part of her body in order to eliminate pain and discomfort! This was so effective that we were able to test it by (rather aggressively) poking each other’s hands with safety pins and the result was that only some pressure was felt – no pricks! I was later able to use this method on myself to quickly and naturally eliminate neck pain and a headache.

9. I originated multiple good language patterns, both written and oral, to effect positive change in the areas of: Competence & Confidence, Optimal Wellness, Comfort, Effective Learning & Knowledge Recall, and Easy, Joyful Work. I’m excited to bring these to audio downloads and create customized ones in client sessions.

10. I automatically started using NLP on myself in any and every situation that I could benefit from doing so. Before I would “conveniently forget” my tools or default to my old (and much less effective) ways – which clearly did NOT get me better results. I also used a propulsion technique to ensure sustained motivation with this new habit beyond training.

11. I stopped trying to find the answers I seek “out there” and started asking my UNconscious, more powerful mind instead – which always provides the truth and nothing but the truth.

12. I became a “lazy NLPer” and only use the quickest, simplest, most effective method for ChangeWork. The route is found by locked & loaded calibration, being in my own trance and letting the next best step bubble up.

13. I stepped more fully into being a leader than ever before, starting with NLPing myself before asking for help; this shifted me from the role of student to the role of teacher. I also came to true understanding of why it’s essential to be fearless as a leader in order to do what’s necessary to get the job done. Fearlessness is now one of my personal commitments to my clients.

14. For added umpf with #13, I created a magical state circle to instantly shift into a “Leadership + Go- First” state on-demand. Extremely useful when working with others!

15. Full transparency – I had been hiding from my potential clients, but now I’m excitedly confident to work with others and I know I can get them incredible results. I uncovered the key to what had been holding me back in the coaching industry all this time...I’m both thrilled and nervous to share all about this one with you very soon!

16. I uncovered my criteria for action-taking which means anytime I’m feeling resistance or stuck, I can simply see which of my criteria have not yet been met and go fulfill them in order to move forward. If you’re curious, mine are: joy-filled, being comfortable, and having fun!

17. I shifted my beliefs about work being hard, difficult, or boring to it being fun, playful, and joyful! Now doesn’t that seem so much better?

18. I up-leveled my “money story” by releasing the old belief that I couldn’t have financial freedom, though I believed it was possible for others. To really cement it, I future-paced to see it as done and looked back to the present to gather up all the resources I’d need to achieve it.

19. I created 100 Well-Formed Goals, expanding my idea of what’s possible.

20. While in a heavenly deep trance, I discovered my LIFE’S PURPOSE and all I can say is “ wow wow.”

21. Bonus just for fun: I put my fellow Master Prac in full-body catalepsy via trance with only her head, neck and heels resting on supports while her body was straight and stiff like a board hovering over the ground.

My intention is that this account of my experience gives you a real-life look into what’s truly possible for YOU with NLP, or as I like to fondly call it – the last self-help program you’ll ever need. As I imagine you are beginning to see, NLP has been life-changing for me and I continue to use it on myself every day.

It is by far the most effective and efficient transformation modality I’ve ever utilized – and that is a looooooong list. It gives you the opportunity to go further, faster than you ever thought possible.

The true power of NLP and my passion for its transformational results have brought NLP to the forefront of my work. I know the potent power of change that it holds, and it’s time everyone else knows too.

I’d be happy to answer any questions you have about NLP! Drop them in the comments or email me personally at

To BEing Happy + Free!