Back to Basics

Now that the initial ball-dropping excitement is over, are you finding yourself:

👉 Overwhelmed with all you want to do now that it's a new year?

👉 Not sure where to start?

👉 Stuck in indecision?

👉 Finding yourself procrastinating and working on everything BUT what's really important?

Girl, have I beeeeen there!

...Like, over and over and over and over again, been there.

And I'm not gonna lie, this year was no exception...

Until I made the CHOICE for it to be different.

Making this change was so much simpler than you might think

Because it was all about returning to the BASICS.

Real Talk 🔊 The vast majority of the time that we think we're "confused," "overwhelmed," or "don't know," is really just our monkey minds playing tricks on us: trying to keep us stuck right where we are, where we're comfortable, in an effort to keep us safe (by its standards, not yours).

The Truth is: We ALWAYS Know. We ALREADY have everything we need to move in the direction of our dreams and desires. We're not missing a damn thing. 💃


Back to the Basics:

The Basics are those simple things (sometimes so simple you forget or think unimportant) that gracefully reconnect you with your inner self that already knows the exact right next step.

The Basics can look different for different people

It's all about finding what works best for YOU.

For me, the Basics are:

❣️ Giving myself Grace, first and foremost, and releasing any judgement around the overwhelm/indecision/procrastination I've just been engaging in.

❣️ Creating space. Physically, spiritually, and energetically. I have been spring cleaning, feng shui-ing, and Marie Kondo-ing like WOAH. And it feels oh so good. >>insert increased joy here<<

❣️ Honoring my physical body (👈 something I was so not doing during my luscious + luxurious winter break...more on that to come!) This has meant re-elevating my diet & nutrition (less riches and sweets; more veggies and home-cooking) and re-committing to my workout habit (extra spurred on by joining a luxurious new gym!)

❣️ Prioritizing my energy. I've seen time and time again, that when I put my energy practices and rituals first and make them non-negotiable, E V E R Y T H I N G is better, easier, more efficient, more effective, smoother, flowy-er, and more joy-filled. Right now I'm digging meditation, gratitude, playing in the field, and connecting with my value.

❣️ Trust. Trusting the unfolding. Trusting the flow. Trusting it's all happening FOR me. Most importantly, trusting myself. Breathing and relaxing into it...

By returning fully to my Basics,

I returned my Power to myself.

With that power, in less than a day's time, I went from that space of overwhelm, indecision and procrastination,

To clarity, confidence, creativity, flow, and aligned action


I'd love to know - What does going back to the Basics look like for you? Or which of my Basics resonated with you the most? 💞

I can't wait to hear! Comment on this post to share with me.

Wishing you an abundant New Year!